I Got A Laugh From this!

I found this on this week's positing on PostSecret, a wonderful website which posts postcard confessions that people send in. This one made me laugh.


The ShawnCast is Now on the Air!

Using my slightly malfunctioning iBook G4 (nicknamed "Shakey"), a Logitech headset/microphone, and a merciless wit, I have constructed my very own podcast, the ShawnCast.

You can find the ShawnCast at:

The ShawnCast Website

New episodes will be posted every Monday and Thursday night. You can listen to the episodes right from the webpage, or you can subscribe to the ShawnCast via iTunes by clicking on the "subscribe" button on the webpage.

I will continue to occasionally update Zalandria with more news and funny pictures and videos!

I hope you enjoy the ShawnCast. You can email me with any comments, questions or suggestions at: shawnml2@mac.com.