Ha! I knew It!

I stumbled across THIS VIDEO on Google Video that is fascinating, but too long to post here.

It is of a Clearwater, FL City Council Meeting in the early 1980s. The description posted on Google Video is:

Brown McKee had spent 24 years in Scientology by the time of these hearings.

He was a Scientology "mission" holder in Connecticut and was present at the infamous 1982 meeting in which mission holders were strong-armed into accepting new terms... or else. He testified to the fact that Scientology is not a religion and the Scientology business is not a church (though Tom Cruise calls this criminal enterprise his "church"). He testified that Scientology has been shrinking since the start of the 1980s.

This video was apparently posted by someone connected with Scientology-Lies.org, but you will notice that the page won't load. Can you say "conspiracy of silence"???

The Funniest Comercial Ever Made. Bar None.

Courtesy, GVOD.

How to Teach Your Daughters...

... that (1) all they should know how to do is shop, and (2) how best to attract pedophiles!

Courtesy, GVOD.

A Monument to Soul-Deadening Capitalism!

A "remixed" version of a McDonald's employee training video from somewhere around the 1980s. Having seen videos like this in my younger days, I believe that they alone are an excellent argument for Communism. And you all know how much I hate Communism!

Found via Google Video of the Day, as always.



What if Microsoft® Designed the iPod Package?

• This is an awesome video which we now know was produced by the Microsoft® marketing department! They are not happy that it was released to the internet! Hahaha!


CRASH?!?!!? What a F***ing Joke!

I did not see "Crash" but there is NO WAY IN HELL that it was better than "Brokeback Mountain." What a travesty. An absolute travesty.



This Will F*&#ing Haunt You!

...posted on my new 20" Intel iMac ... my iBook G4 is dead.