Funny Video Mash-Up

This is a "mash-up" of several internet videos. The "wrap-around" video is of a German kid freaking out over a video game; the Numa-Numa guy and Star Wars Kid make appearences!

WARNING! Turn the volume down immediately!



My 250th Post!

To mark this milestone, I offer the final 10 minutes of a wonderful series, Six Feet Under which ended its run last year. This is one the most affecting, emotional and gut-wrenching finales of any series I have ever seen. Enjoy!


10 Best Will Ferrell SNL Skits

I was literally in tears by the end!

You can find them HERE.



A Song About a Bot!

This is a VERY fascinating video by the Euro-band Basshunter. It is an odd to an automatic "bot" that supervises an internet chatroom!

German Television Does It Again!

Even I think this is a bit much ... replacing part of a jogging path with a pool of water covered in leaves!

"Star Wars" Anti-Smoking PSA

Why oh why didn't I listen?


Happy Fun Ball!

A great early '90s SNL commercial parody!