Oops! I missed my 100th Post!

Oh well. So this is post #104. I meant to say something meaningful to mark the occassion -- the kind of posts that I meant to be making on a regular basis, in fact. But you know what? I've very much enjoyed finding funny or interesting pictures or articles and posting them. All day I deal with the sticky and often horrifying details of our savage history, and I think I'd rather be funny than profound, at least at his point in my life. I still don't know exactly how many of you are reading or not, but I hope you've gotten a few laughs out of checking in here on occassion.

If you think of it, please click on the "comment" button below the post and leave your name, or whatever you want, just so I know all of these 1s and 0s aren't just disappearing into the blogosphere!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Here's some more picture fun! :)

Oops! Better look both ways!

Oh oh! Jesus is Coming! Everyone Look Busy!

But will we still have our tax cuts??


Anonymous said...

I'm out here Shawn! Enjoying your site... -- Jonathan

Shawn said...

Good to know! Thanks!