Horrid Album Covers

I discovered these on another blog, and I just had to post them here! There were under the heading "Worst Albun Covers," and these certainly qualify! Let's take a look...

So, the 60's had arrived, and no one was in the mood for Happy Louie anymore. His brilliant PR manager — with a degree from El Camino State, no doubt — hit upon the solution: don't change a thing except the font! The kids will be fooled! Trust me, Louie! Please, Louie, TRUST ME! They won't no the difference!

This is Ken. Ken is very "special." Ken requests all the songs that he sings, as no one else would.

You know what Fourth-From-The-Left ("ter") is thinking: "This is just like the time they put me on the 'skins' team for basketball in gym! Except this time someone's takin' a freakin' picture! (Unless you count that creepy janitor Mr. Peepers)."

This is NOT the same Louie from "Love & Peace" (above), trust me. This is a piece of wood with a hand up its ass that spouts the propaganda of the fascists. Beware "woody Louie"!

Okay, is this family creepy or what? You just know that (a) Mom is high on 'ludes (and most likely a trannie), (b) Dad spends a LOT of time in the girl's bedroom after "lights out," (c) Roy Junior (front left) tortures animals in the back yard, (d) Gene (front right) is a gay prostitute, and (e) Moses (rear) is on death row for killing the lot of them because of the "voices."

Where was God that night, eh, "Mrs." Cooper?

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