Reflections on "Revenge of the Sith"

I was away from Thursday until Monday (and recovering Tuesday) for my friend Jamie's wedding to his lovely bride Brandee in North Carolina. I was sans iBook (G4 1.07gHz 10.3.9) and so wasn't able to post. I was too busy having fun anyway! Congratulations to Jamie and Brandee, and thanks for a wonderful time!

I have seen Revenge of the Sith twice now, and I am working on distilling the experience of the end of the most important cinematic saga in my life down to something significant.

Watch this space.

By the way: For me, three stars out of four --- but not better than Episode IV or V.


If you have seen it, and would like to comment while I am formulating my thoughts, please click the "comments" link below this post and let me know! I will use the best quotes in my post.

Take care!

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