Conservative Talk Show Host = Major Dick

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to read about conservative Michael Savage attacking the page in the Mark Foley (R-FL) scandal!

An exerpt:

Savage also called the page a "sleazeball" and "a greedy, aggressive child" who "went to Washington to get ahead" and "knew how to play a congressman who was gay on the gay theme." Savage also stated, "I don't know whether the boy exists," but that if he does, "[m]aybe he's a Democrat." Additionally, Savage asserted that Foley's resignation "has everything to do with gays" and that "[i]t proves why homosexuals cannot be trusted in sensitive positions." Savage also claimed that "the gay mafia has so much power" and "is the secret hand of censorship in this country" and stated: "The gays have always said, 'Now, Michael Savage, don't confuse homosexuality with pedophiles. We never, never molest children.' All right, tell that walking."

What a surprise... I wondered how long it would take the right to start equating homosexuality with pedophilia.

God these people make me sick!!

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b said...

that's horrifying.

but i have a feeling the only people who listen to/believe that guy already believed what he's saying anyway.

haven't right-wingers been equating homos and pedophiles all along? maybe i've just seen/heard a lot of it in church circles, and it hasn't necessarily been public.

that's why it was always so dangerous to come out as, say, an elementary school teacher...