More Bad News for the GOP*

From Politicalwire.com:

October 21, 2006

Republicans Losing Evangelical Support

"If the elections for Congress were held today, according to the new Newsweek poll, 60 percent of white Evangelicals would support the Republican candidate in their district, compared to just 31 percent who would back the Democrat. To the uninitiated, that may sound like heartening news for Republicans in the autumn of their discontent. But if you’re a pundit, a pol, or a preacher, you know better. White Evangelicals are a cornerstone of the GOP’s base; in 2004, exit polls found Republicans carried white Evangelicals 3 to 1 over Democrats, winning 74 percent of their votes. In turn, Evangelicals carried the GOP to victory. But with a little more than two weeks before the crucial midterms, the Republican base may be cracking."

"If something doesn’t give -- and quick -- Republicans will view 2004 as the good ol’ days. Fifty-five percent of likely voters in the new Newsweek poll say they would vote for the Democrat in their district if the election were held today, versus 37 percent who say they would vote for the Republican. That’s not surprising; the Democrats have been leading in the opinion polls for months. But the new poll suggests -- from the leanings of bellwether voting blocs to voters’ priorities -- that a possible Republican loss could turn into a rout."

*GOP should now refer to "Giving Over Power," or perhaps "God's Old Party."

Oh, and the more I think about it, the more I have come to believe that getting rid of the South (i.e. the old Confederacy) would be akin to cutting out a tumor from an otherwise healthy body.


b said...

re: the south. well, duh! ;0)

Shawn said...

Ha! Love it!