A Clash of Civilizations

Richard Nixon went to China in 1972 because he believed that a great culture clash was coming, between East and West. He believed that the West would lose such a clash, and so took steps to avoid such a defeat. Nixon was one of the great presidents of the 20th Century, and the fact that he was driven out of office over something so stupid as "Watergate" is a real tragedy.

Nixon was right to reach out to the Chinese, even though that ancient nation still suffers under the boot of a Communist dictatorship. But, honestly, who cares anymore? Bring the Communists back, I say! At least you could negotiate with those monsters.

How do you negotiate with people who happily strap on a bomb-vest and walk into a subway station? Or onto a bus? Or, eventually, a shopping mall? You can't negotiate with these people. They are savage creatures.

The people of the Middle East had better stop blaming "the West" for everything wrong in their society. Yes, European powers made a mess of things there, but that was before the 2nd World War. Generations ago. Take some f***ing responsibility for the mess you've made in the last 80 years. The people of the middle East lurch from autocratic monarchies to autocratic theocracies. That's not our fault! If you want to live in the 8th Century, go ahead. But leave us alone!

Shut the f*** up and fix your problems yourselves.

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