Nazi-Sympathizing Latsis Clan Spurns Paris!

Haha.... my favorite waste of space and yours, Paris Hilton, has apparently been jettisoned from the Nazi collaborating Greek billionaire family!

From The Week, 5 August 2005:

"Just a few weeks after Paris Hilton, 24, and Paris Latsis, 22, announced their engagement, the wedding has been called off. The couple flew to Greece* in early July for a month's vacation [from what, exactly?!?], but Hilton left in a huff after two weeks. 'She's gone,' Latsis' father, Gregory Kasidokasotas, tells Star. 'They had a tiff and she flew out.' Friends say that Hilton's eagerness to marry and her obsession with wedding plans doomed the engagement. 'My son is much too young to marry,' said Kasidokostas. 'His studies come first.'"

Poor Kathy Hilton*! Now she won't be back in the jet-set, as she had had hoped!

Now, if only Americans would reject Paris, too.......

[*See previous posts on Kathy Hilton and Paris' Greek drama.]

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