Paris Strikes Out in London and Greece

From a great online (and print) magazine, Radar Online:

Paris to Greece (With a Lay Over In London)

Is it possible that Paris Hilton’s certain je ne sais quoi doesn’t translate overseas? We hear that while partying with her fiancé Paris Latsis a few days ago at swank London nightspot Boujis (which touts itself as a club where “rules are broken”), the PDA-loving couple performed what appeared to be an impromptu sex show in their banquette. True to form, the stoic Brits didn’t bat an eye. “She had her skirt hiked up and was grinding back-and forth on his lap. It was so obvious they wanted people to watch, but not many people were paying attention,” says one eyewitness. “There’s a million other girls like her in London—trashy girls with money who love to screw, like Tamara Beckwith. Paris isn’t British, she’s not a royal, and she has no class. Basically, no one cares about her here.”

Meanwhile, we hear Hilton’s trip to Greece in late June to meet her billionaire future in-laws didn’t go over so well, either. “Paris thought she was going to sweep into town like a new Jackie O,” our source says. “But she’s such an idiot, she doesn’t realize that the Greeks hated Jackie.” Paris complained to pals that Latsis’s relatives were “cold and aloof,” asking her questions about subjects that “no one my age would ever talk about. Stuff like art and books and stuff.”

After her action-packed trip to England (where the couple attended a Live8 concert) Hilton is now returning to Greece to again try and charm the Latsis family—particularly her fiancé’s uncle, Spiro. As the clan’s intellectual patriarch and money-man, he employs his PhD from the London School of Economics to manage the family’s fortune—making him “the last one you’d want to piss off,” Paris told another source. To help soften up the 58-year-old tycoon, Hilton is bringing back-up in the form of nip-slipping party gal, Tara Reid. If that’s not the premise for the best sex comedy of 2005, we’d like to know what is. Hilton’s publicist, Caroline Bubnis, was unable to comment about her client’s nightclub performance by press time, but assured Radar that Hilton “gets along with the Latsis family just fine.”

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