Watch "Extras!"

No, not "Extra" ... The BBC's "Extras," starring Ricky Gervais of the BBC's "The Office." It was shown on HBO.

I watched all six episodes of "Extras" this weekend (I won't say how!) and it is hands down one of the two funniest shows I have ever watched, bar none. I laughed so hard at the episode in which Kate Winslet guest-starred that I almost passed out. I'm not joking. I literally got light-headed and blurry vision. Kate Winslet describing phone sex to Ricky's moron friend is just killer.

And, before I ever saw the show, I actually won a poster of "Extras" autographed by Ricky Gervais himself, from RaderOnline.com! Isn't that funny?

[The co-champion for comedy in my book is, of course ... yes, you guessed it! Arrested Development.]

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