Windows Media Player Sucks!!

As a Macintosh user since 1987, I cannot imagine why anyone would bother using that piece of shit OS, Windows version whatever.

I am also confused as to why websites that I visit post videos with the WMP. This is the worst peice of shit I have ever seen. It's slow, the quality is terrible, it freezes. Why bother with it, when anyone in the world can download Apple's QuickTime for a far superior video experience?

Try this: if you use OS X 10.4, or have access to it, run a QuickTime video, and then activate Exposé. The video continues to run flawlessly! I'm sure that WMP doesn't do that!!

And "Windows Media Player"? Can you think of a more bland and uninteresting name than that? Those guys at Micro$oft sure can think up innovative names, can't they! "It's called what it does! Good job!"

I'll be the first to admit that some of Apple's hardware has problems. I had a flawed iBook. But the OS is damn near perfect. Once they release it for use on PCs, Windows will be finished. Hallelujah!


jonathan said...

I counldn't agree with you more with respect to WMP. It is the worst as far as streaming video is concerned, a distant third behind quicktime and real player.

Shawn said...

I second that. I find RealPlayer better, but not quite as good as QT.

Anonymous said...

It is always a joy when something is streamed in QT, agreed. Even on my "square" windows box. -- J

Shawn said...

I get tremendously frustrated when I have to deal with WMP. The quality is so bad!