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#1. Who is this prick? I think he used to date Paris "Waste of Oxygen" Hilton. What kind of total asshole dresses like this? Read the article on Gawker.com to find out just what a bastard this guy is.

#2. For you "Matrix" Fans: co-director Larry Wachowski is a transvestite (and possibly a transexual) who broke up with his wife to be a with a dominatrix who was married to a female-to-male transexual who still had a vagina. What?!? Read the article at Perezhilton.com.

The main article about Larry Wachowski is at Rolling Stone.

Here's some photo evidence as well:

Larry is on the left in both photos.

(<--Photo by Bob Riha Jr./Wireimage.com)

And by the way, I don't really care what Larry Wachowski is, as long as he's happy. I just think it's an interesting story, and a somewhat surprising one. I guess we now know why they were so press-shy in the last few years. Well, this, and the fact the Matrix sequels sucked.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I believe this one. Give me more proof!

Shawn said...

Well, follow the links I provided! You can also Google Wachowski transexual... :)

Cathii Scott said...

umm the Rolling Stone article said he likes to wear womens clothes whilst being submissive. This does not make him transexual. A crossdresser, maybe a transvestite, but not transexual.

Shawn said...

A fair point, Cathii -- and thanks for posting a comment, btw! I'm always happy when someone new checks in!

In one of the articles, it was suggested that he had begun taking female hormones in preparation for sex reassignment surgery, so I suppose that's where I got the idea. I suppose I should make a clarification.