A Super-Secret Conspiracy?!

I love conspiracy theorists, especially those on the right — the members of the so-called "Patriot Community" (see below). I came across the video posted below on Google Video of the Day, and is hosted at Google Video. It concerns a right-wing "patriot" radio host from — you guessed it, Texas — who infiltrated a summer camp held at Bohemian Grove in California in the summer of 2000.

Apparently, many of the world's elite — the Bushes, Henry Kissenger, Alan Greenspan and the like — belong to the Bohemian Club, an organization about 112 years old. They apparent have some silly ritual each summer where they burn "dull care" — that is, the cares of the outside world — while they vacation.

To you and me, this probably smacks of grown-up frat boy/secret college society silliness. To the "Patriot Community" this appears as a super-secret, conspiratorial, pagan ritual by the world's elite. These men in the video often talk about "bankers" — which is code for Jews, of course, and was often used by anti-Semites like Father Coughlin during the Great Depression.

The video shows an odd ritual, to be sure. But is it any odder than believing that Jesus walked on water, or that eating a wafer at Mass is eating Jesus? Not really, to my mind.

The radio host who stars in this vingette completely loses it at the end (around 0:47:00 or so) when talking about the "elites" and about his family's history of fighting for freedom.

He is truly scary. He helped to rebuild David Koresh's temple near Waco, and believes that the government blew up the Oklahoma City federal building. He's that kind of scary.

There are days, my friends, when I think that Lincoln should have let the South go.

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