Bizarre Anti-Gay Telephone Company

Since the advent of gay marriage in Massachusetts, I've heard countless moronic TV and radio commercials attacking the "gay agenda." My favorite was the radio spot that featured a young boy asking his "father" about the facts of life, and said father replies, "ask your other father!" Sickening, but illuminating about the lengths the bigots will go to.

Tonight, I found the most bizarre anti-gay stragety yet. United American Technologies, a telephone company, has apparently been calling people with claims that (a) AT & T, MCI, and Verizon support gay marriage, the gay agenda, and child pornography and that (b) UAT can offer a low-cost "Christian" alternative for a person's telephone needs!

You can read about this, and hear actually phone conversations, at Eugenemirman.com!

Fucking unbelievable. These wackos will stop at nothing until every homosexual is rounded up and put in detention camps. They scare the hell out of me. Really.

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