Kathy Hilton is Worse

Just when I was reaching the point that no one could offend me more than Paris Hilton (in the high-society realm, anyway), I came across this item on Radaronline.com about just how thrilled Paris' mother Kathy is about her daughter's impending marriage to Paris Latsis:

Kathy Hilton’s Grecian Formula

One reason Kathy Hilton is just thrilled about her daughter Paris’s engagement to Greek billionaire shipping heir Paris Latsis is that she’s hoping the union will solve her husband’s financial woes, sources say. While the tabs typically gush about the elder Hiltons’ “$1 billion fortune,” Kathy and her husband Rick have long scraped by on freebies and a modest trust fund. “The truth is, there are so many Hiltons out there that each one is due only a few million,” a source close to the family says. “Paris is the only one who is actually making her own money”—an estimated $10 million last year, from commercials, her perfume, appearance fees, and share of the earnings from One Night In Paris. While that’s certainly not chump change, in the circle of the absurdly rich it barely registers. “Kathy and Rick are hoping that with Latsis’s money behind them they’ll finally be able to claim their rightful place among the jet set,” says the source. “A few years ago [filmmaker] Jamie Johnson didn’t even consider the daughters rich enough to use in his documentary Born Rich.” Our cynical source says that Paris, who received a black ferrari as an engagement present, also has a game plan of her own: “She’ll definitely get pregnant very quickly. It’ll guarantee her an income for life.” Hilton’s rep, Rob Shuter, laughed off questions about the Hilton family’s motives via e-mail: “LOL. Paris and Paris met, fell in love, and want to get married. That simple.”

What kind of half-witted, narcissistic, brain-dead moron would actually say this? There are people starving in this country. There are people withour jobs, or healthcare, or housing. And Kathy Hilton is sad because she only has "a few million." She makes Paris look like Mother Theresa. I have never been so disgusted. When they do finally take their "rightful place among the jet set" I HOPE THE GOD-DAMNED JET CRASHES!

Oh! And Kathy is going to have her own "reality" show! She's going to teach some members of the "lower" class how to be Hiltons! Thanks, Kathy, but I can figure out how to suck off a trust-fund asshole myself — it's simple: up, down, lick, repeat.

This will be my last post about the Hiltons, because I am choking on my own bile. People like them should be rounded up and sent to a labor camp for the rest of their natural lives.

PS— I've already thought of a great headline for when Paris and Paris get married: "PARIS-ITE MARRIES LEECH."

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